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New Interest

x: so what’s first?

y: when you wake, you want to meditate.
20 minutes.
but I pray, because I don’t know how.

x: what?
to meditate?

y: ah-huh.

x: well that’s easy.

y: really?

x: sure. you just sit there.


y: and.. that's it?

x: yup.
sit still and think up stuff.

y: well what’s so hard about that?

x: sitting still, especially with the coffee i have soon as i sit up from bed.
first sip, i pop like a pill on easter morning.

y: dear.

x: but don’t keep me waiting – what else you got for us?

y: well...
after you meditate, or pray.. from there, you become immersed in all the nowness, about you.

x: h’m. what else?

y: judge not. nobody. i’ll tell you — this one was especially hard for me.

x: how come?

y: everywhere i go, it happens so naturally: i judge.
but now that i’ve noticed, a general change has come over my behavior.

x: good for you. keep it up.

y: i walk in nature — everyday — that’s the next thing you want to remember.
and to notice the greatness in every being, every time you interact.

x: that one, i’m actually going to try. keep going.

y: there was one more thing.. shoot. what was it?

x: be friendly?

y: no. it was.. o shoot.

x: come on.

y: o!
each time you interact, give something to someone.
a gift.

x: h’m.
not sure i like that one..
only thing i’ve usually with me is money, and never more than a couple singles.

y: joy might be a better thing to give.

x: how can someone give joy?

y: that’s easy. for instance, you could wish someone to have a special night.

y: a special night?

x: yes. for instance, i wish you a special night.

y: h’m.

x: .. however that means to you.

y: i’ll be honest – was a nice try, but i’ve had a pretty rough day.

(y reaches into wallet)

y: in any case, you made it count.
have a dollar.


All She Said

"I really appreciate you."

but wow
how it impacted
the day

or rather:

On Why To Reach Out With Kind Words When Time Right