March 2016

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(wholesomely bidding)
as we continue descending
side by side,
this Big Rock Candy Mount,
have these following words
for what their worth
— (if only) —
believe in the Progression of Our Story.

but what does this mean?
picture the dapple of days —
the swing of the weeks —
the “motley yuletide”
envision each one to be a page—
a chapter —
some thematic climactic
starring yourself —
the very embodiment of a rising action!

have no fear in your experience,
but fear not your experience!
charge into the instance,
with whatever narrative you've nurtured
so long as you fancy it
you willful self-improvement.
if only there were time to entertain the fancies;
but soon i'll be off my own way
and you on your own,
unto the Hearth ...

∗ ∗ ∗



Our Story
— the Piece de Resistance —
— or Magnus Opus our lives —
feast your eyes upon its creation,
— this instance —
— happening —

sure, you and i may be but strangers,
but for the time being,
we are interacting,
and because of it,
a narrative
springs unto a stream of existence,
inspired of our togetherness —
& what do you think of that?

perhaps nothing much —
a flimsy narrative, at best, yes?
and yet —
i'd like to point your attention
to a specific aspect of
Our Story,
which you may deem helpful
for increasing the Quality of your life
at the individual level.

∗ ∗ ∗



you've heard the conjecture correct —
you & i,
with a great purpose,
if you find it's possibility difficult
to even consider,
why exactly?
that is to say,
what do you have in mind?

do you feel you are here
amidst the æternal recurrence,
without reason whatsoever?
perhaps you're partial to believing
our uniqueness qualifies each of us
to an extraordinarily different destiny?
if such were your stance,
i'd ask you to look at us now
— descending the mount, side by side —
these instances of our separate lives,
flowing in unison,
how could my fate be so different than yours,
when we're but parallel shades of one evolution?

if you've had enough of the rhetorical ponderings,
breathe easy.
The Great Purpose
of which i speak
may not accelerate your excitement.
yet with that,
i'd like to point your attention
to the guiding light ahead of us,
rising from on the horizon.
take a moment,
& envision it shining
upon the very beginning
Our Story...

∗ ∗ ∗



and so it goes —
out of jail,
down the mountain,
to face the great beyond;
and such, the journey
made by every creature
since the dawn of time known.

it's true.
if you wish to better glimpse what i mean,
have at this lens for a moment —
no matter the circumstance,
we're "locked up"
by our abundance or lack of potential,

if we can agree on that premise
depending on the way
one's ability swing,
we're set free —
at which point,
we descend from
this ecstatic summit of freedom,
"down the mountain,"
and what for
but to be delivered
"to the beyond,"
via some newly transformed state
for our greater purpose ...
which happens to bring us
to an interesting conclusion —
that you and i have a great purpose in common.

∗ ∗ ∗



i think i can,
i think i can,

— Sisyphus



down the mountain
without knowing through trail
but one focus via direction

— Han Shan



... nothing magic,
but with practice,
discovered how to shape shift.

it's my means to follow.
something you can do, too.
just put yourself in another's shoes.
before you know it,
you'll be tapping into tactics
of rolemodels who inspire
& meanwhile attuning to the inner-being in you.

can be fun,
but dangerous, too,
just as following anything without knowing
exactly where its going —
for instance, this talk, with you.
sometimes helps remembering
to get back to the basics.
looks that's time —
both yours & mine.

passed fast, right?
but you know,
time flys when it happen.
speaking of getting back,
gotta dash outta here and to my being.

you know,
my being.
or substance —
the aspect of me from
i was trying to escape —
that wants me to keep young.
he wants me present for the sword-fights.
the flight.
the next adventure we embark upon.

thinking on it,
if you're up for something of the sort,
tell whoever's coming to pick you up,
to take you down Big Rock Candy Mountain.
request to stop by Mermaid Lagoon
& fathom what there be found.

— Pan's Shadow



around then,
crossed paths w/ certain bodies
that helped me contend with my drama
and the facts of life
i was struggling to face / realize
— namely —
that life is not a matter of searching for an answer.

it was aligning my prerogatives
with that thought
that brought me back.
o, sure.
always other factors involved
and playin' at us.
but to speak on 'em
would go beyond
the scope of our conversation.
if you want to call it that.

tell you one thing, tho,
that still help me out
when it comes to working through my problems.
and that's practicing
the accessing
of one's subtle potential.
learned something about our nature
that i'd always taken for granted —

∗ ∗ ∗



it's what landed me behind bars
in the first place —
wanting to grow up.
but you know my story.
just felt i'd run with the boys
for long enough.
a time comes
that you got to do your own thing, right?
sometimes seems you got to go in it all alone.
so what i'd do?

went the way the wind blew.
direction changed.
lifestyles, too.
one right after another.
over & again.
black to blue.
no matter what i tried,
became clear,
the whole maturity thing
wasn't happening.
all the while,
couldn't realize,
what it was i was trying to discover.

after getting caught up
in more of the less,
became pretty obvious what was playing out —
i was just attaching
to one thing after another —
like running from myself,
but kinda-sorta on a subconscious level.
kinda weird to think on.
wasn't till i'd found a way
to tap a deeper potential,
that i'd realized the singular thing
for which i was searching all along —
the learning inspired
of experience happening.

∗ ∗ ∗



you do what you gotta.
see how you oughta.
but perhaps, keep in mind
a lesson in time
tends to happen
with many angles, aligned.
despair if you must,
but don't forget —
a beautiful world out there could use your help.

it's why we're in here.
the joint, i mean.
got to rehabilitate on the inside
as a means to do so unto society, beyond.
they're not so fond on teaching that behind bars.
which is why schoolhouse of hard knocks
is in session.

if you ask me,
regardless the troubles,
or hustles that land us in here,
have heard enough the inmates' stories to reason
that at the heart of each
our unique problems
is the momentous journey known as Growing Up.

∗ ∗ ∗



let me guess —

you wanted freedom.
but got lost,
thrown in jailhouse with the rest us.
been there / done this,
i'd be gone by now,
but kept around,
just in the chance case,
you one day here be found.

and who knew?
you — a jailbird, too.
feeling low?
for starts, don't.
and don't take it so personal.
i know, i know,
i'm just a shadow,
but believe me,
shadows get the blues, too.

if it makes you feel better,
you don't have to serve your time here.
not another moment.
you're free to break out, sneak,
or walk right out
any time that suits your fancy.
just put your hand to you chest.
feel that?

here in Hearth County,
they sew a key
into the heart
of each & every
black-white striped one-piece.
yep — even the one you're wearing.
the key fits the lock.
you can walk right out,
no strings attached.
so what's the catch?
well ...

only catch i guess,
is living with the metaphor
of ripping open your uniform
to let yourself out prematurely.
of course
guess it all depends
how you read between the stripes.

∗ ∗ ∗



i am the master of my fate,
i am the captain of my soul.

Engraving in the Wall
Hearth County Jailhouse



believe or not,
in these here parts,
the jails are made of tin ...
walk right out if you like,
but while the storms outside,
there's warm shelter within.

— One of the Boys

Hearth County Jailhouse
Big Rock Candy Mountain



speaking of St. Patrick's Day,
was supposed to be at Park Place by 9 ...
and by my watch
am already running a day late ...
has our pep talk helped your perspective?
what do you say, then —
ready to roll?

how about you do it now?
throw —
toss —
give 'em a moment, and...
snake eyes!
advance 2 ...
look @ that —
you've landed Chance ? !

just permit me a sec to draw your card here
and ...
ooo ...
that's bad.
but then again ...
so before you take a glance ...

may not want to look twice,
or at all, for that matter.
let me put it to you this way —
card decrees you're to speed straight to jail
without passing go ...
& that's not to mention the 2 C notes ...
(for that matter, don't think twice, neither)

not sugar & spice,
but don't take it too hard to heart —
characters in the joint ain't all so bad ...
sure you're close to someone with enough bones
to bail you out in due time —

have a jolly swell night!

— Mr. Monopoly




go deep!
whether in real estate to shelter the restless,
or novel directives to boost your own effectiveness,
by considering
the big and small essence
of the dreams you're fathoming,
you can help discover a means
to dig in & lift the World of Today.

easier said then done?
perhaps best to start
with a mindframe change —
switch your desire for instant gratification
with a sense of lasting appreciation.

in other words,
be grateful.
pay it forward whenever you may.
do something simple as
being the first in your engagements to say happy St. Patrick's day!

∗ ∗ ∗



accept where you're at.

in order to create value,
first come to terms with your place.
access it.
be present.
become one w/ spectrum, enveloping.
harness the environment to exploit your strengths.
something out of order?
be the remedy
your Momentary Destiny —
envision the Utility or Service
to be mothered
for useful emancipation.

while a means to an end,
creating value
can be a way of life.
walk the fine line
of Self-Improvement
that delivers one
to Selfless Enterprise.

believe you've arrived?
no waiting!
pass further yet!
and above all things —

∗ ∗ ∗



consider this something of a narrated tour.
perhaps atypical,
but when just getting started,
can be difficult to know
where we're going with this
or what we're in for —
not to mention why bother.
perhaps to start with a secret —
forget cashing in on the fast flip.

in my opinion,
far as the long-run's concerned,
we may be in it for many reasons,
yet one most singularly
— & of top-notch priority —
in order to create value.

true value.
sincere as darling.
a trove-worth O platform
from which our Creation
become in bloom & manifest
— every step of the way —
regardless where you land.

only one place to begin —

∗ ∗ ∗



falling back was for then,
but the season of today
seems to have sprung upon us
in a new way ...
have it something to do with pi day ?

in any case,
let's just agree to hop aboard it
with "full circle" fashion —
make of this opportunity
our one moment
apart from aeternity
to fill our pockets with daylight savings
& begin renewing
a day in the workweek
to the tune of a quality

don't mind me —
it's just the clink of coins
has never ceased to excite;
& with the tick of time,
fine as money,
may be no sense in rushing,
but the dice is yours for casting.
uncertain about what we're at?
no worries —
grab hold on my hat
& roll with me —
let's get you in on the game.

∗ ∗ ∗



and how do you see
between the riddle and clue?
be it the haiku?

— Bashō



to come as a rat
is good for the dash,
and missing a chance for that second glance —
but before a need for rest
catch us fast & steep —
how will you have your tea?

— March Hare



have not quite arrived
at those gates.
passed the first sign
just back there
along which the footprints veered.
footprints of my competitor
ran to a hole.
no ordinary one neither.

sign behind it read —


hole was dark.
rather abysmal.
knowing not how low it dropped,
decided to pass up the opportunity.
press onward.
still going.

still trekking the race.
taking the time to notice.
absorb & experience the sights.
& be patient.
guess it's part of my nature.

should be up there
any day now.
i wonder —
if the gates are locked,
will someone appear to open them
for little ol' me?
no sense going around them.
don't want to miss a chance
to enter a handsome pair of pearly gates.

if i have to,
suppose i'll wait there.
if my competitor dove the shortcut,
a good chance
he's already beat me
to the end of the race.
but wait ...
can nearly make out the sign
in front of the gates ...
looks the words upon it read —

rubicon was the Finish Line,
but to Infinity
is to Beyond —

— Tortoise



looks to be ...
pearly gates?
pearly gates,
straight ahead.
and in the middle
of a wide open
death valley desert.
whether you believe it,
picture that.

and all while figuring
i'd taken enough time
to see the sights along the way,
positively uncertain
what to make
of a rose as this ...

looks to be a sign up there.
two actually —
neither too far apart from one another.
maybe they will help explain
what the gate's about ...
but what's this here?

footprints ...
not just any ...
these ones appear
familiar ...
will follow with caution,
least up to the signs.
should be there
any day now.

∗ ∗ ∗



the competitor is i
my ego insists.
can't help it.
part of my steady drive
towards self-improvement.
that said,
one ought not misunderstand me.
not claiming to be
in any sense of the way.
ego tends to have a bad rap.
for instance —
kanye west.

love his work.
question his respect for the game.
seems players around him
be sad
to see him get so upset.
think ego the culprit.
think it all come down to the name ...

just imagine —
if nobody had names,
or ways to tell
who from who,
would ego be in vain?
how would it change what we do?
suppose it's one reason,
a nobody as i,
might as well be happy
not to really have a name
in the first place.

seems to me ego exists
to challenge us further,
just as external competition
can help bring self-awareness
regarding where we could push further.
one and all of us
could probably better our efforts
along the race of life ...
speaking of race ...
see something ...
just up the way ...

∗ ∗ ∗



with competition like mine,
honestly seems
i don't stand much a chance.
he's driven.
arguably better looking, too.
if only
for just one time
to stand inside his shoes.

odd against me
death valley suits the race.
flatland best for traveling
in an A to B manner.
less obstacles,
my style;
wonder how it serve my competitor ...

in one sense,
no idea where he at.
in another,
know precisely.
for some time,
been mostly clear —
the competition is i ...

∗ ∗ ∗



just crossed the line.
river actually.
refreshing checkpoint.

but that was then.
thirst behind me.
back to the nitty gritty
dirt & gravel.
no turning back now.
not that i'd want to.
finish line, yonder up the trek.

here on,
pressing forward.
have to.
temperature rising.
too hot for dilly-dally.
much going against me.
for one,
the competition ...

∗ ∗ ∗



The Way it All Started

a Guest Feature & Original Creation,

Written by

Kyle Perdue

When you find your passion, you know. For me, it was writing.
I had to write; not for money or recognition of some sort, but for myself.
If any amount of that came along then great,
but my thoughts simply had to be let out.
I started because two of the most interesting people I’d ever met
shared one thing in common: writing.
I saw much of myself in them.
Nothing was ever satisfactory, we had to keep upping the ante.
Doing this and going there,
no— not good enough, keep going and keep trying.
Onto this hobby and that job, this location and that city.
Lone wolves in a sea of misdirection.
So outgoing and smart that we were solitarily stupid.
As energetic as they came. Kids at heart, with souls of old men.
I would read their stuff and think
— amazing—
if they can do it, why can’t I?
They looked at the world through my kind of lens,
and it was truly inspiring.
We’re all weirdos in some kind of sense;
if we can put it into words that tell a story, or no story at all,
something meaningful to us: the writer, then good.
So one day anxiously waiting on a friend
I sat at my computer and wrote my first poem.
It rolled off my tongue and onto the page quickly.
I don’t believe it to be good— not at all.
But it helped me nonetheless.
Ever since then I’ve always had to find time
to sit down and spill my thoughts,
once a day.
If I don’t, I lose sleep. Hell, I lose sleep regardless.
Might as well get something down on paper while I can.
So there it is, the way it all started.

Discover more of Kyle's Work

on his site —

Rude Ruse



Potential is not a sometime thing —
it's a Present thing;
a kernel of æternal combustion,
right now —
burning inside you ...
while a hint of fitness may come naturally,
one doesn't excel candidly
but through a focused determination upon working hard ...

right now,
i'd like each you to ask yourselves,
by what measure will i succeed today?
through what range of self expression?
we be may be competing, but always remember,
competition is a means towards self-development.
through thick and thin,
we're in this together;
in the end,
we're on each other's team.

while you're all out there,
want each of you to remember your religion,
and your commitment to vision;
if this isn't your finest hour,
never lose trust in your ability.
no matter what happens out there,
continue pursuing your excellence,
regardless the elements,
follow through to perfection.

with that,
it's time to play,
and my,
looks we got another scorcher of tryouts coming ...
if you're set and hydrated, head out to the line,
if you'd like to take a minute to talk on your game,
pay my waterboy a visit

— Vince



is that possible?

may sound strange
but feel as though
we've crossed paths prior ...
are you an actor?
h'm ...
well, in any case,
if you're up for learning,
you could play a part in the project i've mentioned ...

i mean, if it makes sense for you,
then who knows —
maybe something could happen ...
if you want, can tell you more about it,
but this conversation's been one-sided ...
really prefer the interaction.

so what do you do?
what's your name?
want to create something magical together?
you know,
can't put my thumb on it,
but experiencing sensation ...
an aura present ...
what have you discovered?

up —
here it comes.
ha, finally right?
by now you're probably thinking
you'd never get rid of me.
in any case,
thanks for allowing me to open.
some days,
a girl could just use someone to talk to ...

but say ...
you waiting on this train, too?
if so, say we sit together ...
of course,
if you just want time alone,
that's fine too,
but the quiet shade of good company's great,
you've helped me see all this waiting through ...

choice is yours,
but who knows what could begin between us?
maybe some extraordinary thing we've in common
but have yet to imagine —
like where you've been
where you're going ...
what ya say —
up for the mystery unfolding?

Girl @ the Station



“follow your Dreams
as a means
to help others follow Theirs —“

after becoming derailed from my fiction,
began realizing
this New Age Way for approaching the day.
sensation along hit like an ice shower ...
ever since,
never been the same.

from that moment on,
began thoroughly examining
any special trait, skill, talent i had
that could facilitate the process.
was the first time
in long a while
i'd finally felt comfortable at the drawing board,
and all because my own desires for the project
had pivoted focus
towards making the dreams of the cast
come true ...

the actors.
they were the real stars of the project.
and the only way they were gonna shine
was if i was there
to simply help them come through.

as for how to do it,
wasn't easy
and as everything else, took time for figuring,
but once we got started,
new ideas kept arising ...
you know how one thing leads to another ...

and this went on in a timeless manner
as amidst our work,
Dreams Aligned
— became Manifest —
according to what each of us had to present.

new elements of our unique selves
sparked of our evolving relationships,
all centered about this project.
would love to tell you about it,
but for some reason,
feels as though i've mentioned it to you before ...

∗ ∗ ∗



it was this last question
— concerning dreams —
that started the “quest of purpose” for me.
when growing up, seemed
“follow your dreams”
was the anthem all the schoolhouses were preaching.
don't know about you,
but it certainly kept me searching.

tried out dreams,
then moved on,
over and again.
everytime i'd thought one had finally been realized,
seemed something was always missing ...
never had a teacher to tell me
that the catchphrase
can be misleading ...

imagine a kid,
following their dreams
into adulthood ...
at what age should one face reality
and be responsible about growing up?
do you believe a Dreamer should just one day
wake up to Reality
and settle with smelling the roses?
at what point do you think a Dream becomes a Delusion?

found myself amidst my own version
of self-centered fantasy
when i'd finally realized
how far astray
i'd drifted from society ...
my isolation dawned upon me
like cold daylight on a nitemare ...

yes, it's true...
girls have nitemares too.
took this one a long night before fathoming that
“follow your dreams”
is perhaps not the best motto
for raising the kids ...
believe experience has seen me halfway towards
the maxim
for making even the wildest of dreams come true —

∗ ∗ ∗



what do you feel you're being prepared for?

sorry ...
know we haven't met
and that it's none of my business
to ask you that,
but my train's running late ...
figured since you've been standing here a while,
and aren't glued to your phone,
we could have a conversation ...
perhaps to start, should better explain ...

it's just this project i've been working on
has had the first question
playing in my head
over and again ...
in the meantime,
been pressing for an answer,
or even words to better explain a way about this ...

what do you feel you're being prepared for?
how do you know?
do you hold to anything sacred?
worth sharing?
is there any one thing you've worked ever hard for,
but have yet to discover?
and how are you following your dreams?

∗ ∗ ∗


Symbol =
∗ ∗ ∗ To Be Continued ...
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